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Disability - Permanent

Becoming permanently disabled is a great change in your life. While some adjustments to your lifestyle may be small, others may signify a complete transformation.

This web site will help you find out which medical services that apply to your particular situation are covered. This research should help you figure out a medical and rehabilitation plan that suits your needs as well as your budget. It may also be helpful to find out what benefits are available to you through your spouse's plan.


  • Review the rules for the Time Loss benefit in the SPD and then apply for any benefits you may be due.
  • Review the rules for the Disability Pension in the BenefitTabs™, SPD. If you think you have met the qualifications for this benefit, contact Carpenters Trusts to initiate the retirement process.
  • If you or a dependent are totally disabled when coverage under this plan terminates, you or your dependent can apply for an Extension of Benefits. An Extension of Benefits provides continued coverage but only for treatment of the condition that caused the disability. To qualify, the disabled person must meet all of the conditions specified in the rules.