• Reciprocal Plan Service

    Reciprocal plan service helps you avoid a break in service when your work is divided between two or more plans. Reciprocal service can be used to help satisfy ten-year vesting under this plan including vesting for disability retirement. It can also be used to satisfy the activity test for disability retirement and the primary spouse's benefit.

    Reciprocal service cannot be used to help satisfy five-year vesting under this plan or rule of 80 credited service under this plan. It also cannot be used to satisfy the activity test for special early retirement and the rule of 80 early retirement.

  • Reciprocal Plans In Western States

    This plan has reciprocal agreements with most other defined benefit plans nationwide. See Reciprocal Plan Service for more information.

  • Money Follows the Carpenter

    Money follows the carpenter allows you to have pension contributions transferred to this plan when you temporarily work in another jurisdiction.

    • You must complete an Authorization to Transfer Fringe Benefits form within 60 days of the onset of employment in the other jurisdiction.
    • Pension and health and security contributions must be transferred.

    Money follows the carpenter is a particularly important provision if you are trying to satisfy the requirements for rule of 80 early retirement. See Rule of 80 Early Retirement.