• Disability Retirement


    You must be vested in this plan under the ten-year vesting requirement, and under age 65. You must also satisfy the activity test - have at least 750 covered hours in this plan sometime in the three calendar years immediately preceding your retirement date and be totally and permanently disabled as defined by this plan. Benefits are payable after the disability waiting period.

    Monthly Benefit

    Your monthly benefit is equal to your total accrued monthly benefit (See Earning Benefits) less the appropriate reduction for disability retirement. See Disability Retirement Reduction Factors.

    Payment Options

    Your monthly benefit is a single life benefit with 60 payments guaranteed payable until age 65. When you reach age 65, your monthly benefit is recalculated as a normal retirement benefit. At this time, you may also elect a joint and survivor benefit.


    You may be required to provide continued proof of disability every two years.