Real people making real progress

Health Coaches from Envolve™ PeopleCare occasionally share success stories with Carpenters Trusts staff. Coaches are not required to do this, and they never share case histories without the patient's permission. The following summaries were written by health coaches and were presented anonymously to protect the identity of participants and dependents enrolled in the program.

Daily activities no longer painful

"The member is a 51-year-old male who enrolled in the Back Pain program with reports of sciatic pain. His only intervention was fifteen minutes of yoga two times per week. Upon recommendation of the member's health coach, he increased his stretching to three times per week, increased walking with daily activities, and participated in a plank and push-up challenge to build core strength. His sciatic pain reduced from a rating of 6/10 to 0/10. The member went from using medication to control his pain, to not needing the medication at all in six months, with health coaching! The member's activities of daily living also improved. In the baseline call, he reported his back pain increasing when he travels, stands for too long and performs his normal household and job activities. However, after his coaching sessions he is able to perform all these activities with no added pain."
Steps to better health

"The member is a 56-year-old female with a history of breast cancer, liver failure and kidney disease. She started health coaching in the Diabetes program for the second time in Sept. 2014. She stated that she had a 40-pound weight gain and a burning sensation in her feet. While working with her health coach, the member reported buying wider shoes which decreased the burning in her feet. She increased her physical activity by placing stickers on her calendar as a reward for physically active days, along with using an activity tracker to count her daily steps. The member has reported a 12-pound weight loss so far while working with a health coach. She is also working on controlling portions and stress eating."
Life is less painful, more healthful

"Male member enrolled in the Back Pain program in Feb. 2012. When his program ended in Feb. 2013, he had lost 25 pounds. He reported his pain level at the start of the program was at 5 and at the completion of the program he reported his pain level was at 1. With the support of his coach, he increased his exercise (both stretching and aerobic) and modified his diet by reducing calories from snacking."

A new meaning for "no pain, no gain"

"Male member enrolled into the Back Pain program Sept. 2011 with a back pain level of a 4. Working with his health coach, member was able to lower pain level to 0. In addition, his weight dropped from 270 pounds down to 214 pounds by increasing his exercise from 150 minutes/week to 240 minutes/week."

Doubling exercise, losing weight cuts pain by half

"Male member age 58 enrolled in the Back Pain program Nov. 2011 with back pain score of 7. Inconsistent MD visits although he does have high cholesterol and high blood pressure. He was walking for exercise on a regular basis but not doing any back/core exercises. Upon completion of program, pain scale dropped to 3 with less instances of back discomfort. He is paying more attention to his posture while walking. He was able to drop his weight from 180 down to 170 pounds and increased his overall activity from 350 minutes/week to 720 minutes/week. Member also started to see an MD for regular visits."

Staying focused leads to positive results

"Member joined program late 2011 with low-back pain from a herniated disk. He was moderately active but nothing structured. As time with the coach progressed the member fluctuated with his weight and activity level and almost lost focus on being healthier through diet and exercise. The coach was able to continue helping him out to the point where he was regularly active, had no back pain and lost 32 lbs. over the time in the program."

Taking medications properly and safely

"The member is a 76-year-old female with moderate stage COPD who enrolled in coaching in June of 2014, using 2 liters/min. of oxygen continuously daily. The member was non-compliant with medications and pulmonologist check-ups during the baseline phone call. With guidance of her health coach and breathing techniques, the member began exercising in Nov. 2014 and decreased her oxygen usage in Feb. 2015. The member now reports taking her medications properly and safely."



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