Real words from real people

The comments below appeared in satisfaction surveys completed by carpenters and dependents after participating in a Condition Management program. Surveys were administered by Envolve™ PeopleCare, which obtained permission from participants to share this information with Carpenters Trusts staff. Comments were presented anonymously to protect the identity of program participants. Comments appear exactly as written.

"Since you have been helping me I feel that I am able to control my diabetes by having a better diet. Thanks for helping me." (2015)

"This is a very good awareness program. An eye opening for our health." (2015)

"Thank you very much! [My coach] is wonderful!" (2015)

"I really enjoy this program and I am thankful for my coach and this opportunity." (2015)

"I didn't know certain things, so I am excited to learn more." (2015)

"They have been interesting and gave out some great ideas. Being a nurse myself, I have enjoyed the input." (2015)

"Very impressed with my coach. I enjoyed speaking with her. Learned from her." (2014)

"My coach has been very helpful. She has helped me understand asthma and effects much better." (2014)

"This program helps keep you on track by setting goals and knowing you will be accountable the next time you talk with health coach. Very happy. Wish they would call each month to check on me and make sure I'm not slipping back into bad habits." (2014)

"I am very happy with my coach. I have learned so much with just the two phone sessions. I pass on info to my mom, who also has type 2 diabetes." (2014)

"The exercises have served me well by giving me something I can look to as a program rather than trying to come up with a regimen on my own. Thank you." (2014)

"Great program. Thank you for providing it to our family." (2014)

"[My coach] is doing a great job. Seems like a nice guy. He's kind of become a good accountability partner for me as far as me following through with his suggestions." (2014)

"Nurtur helps me to be more aware to continue focusing and working on doing better in all areas related to my health." (2014)

"I would like to say I am very grateful to [my coach] for helping me with my back pain. I feel 100% better than I did before." (2014)

"The calls have been very helpful." (2014)

"[My coach] was very courteous, easy to talk to and seemed genuine in his concern for my well being." (2014)

"Very good program. Thank you." (2014)

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