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A Condition Management program can enhance your quality of life, save money on medical expenses, and improve your financial security. Plus, you can earn a $200 gift card.

Enhance your quality of life. Living with a chronic health condition can pose a number of personal challenges--physically, emotionally, and financially. But your illness doesn't have to control you. The Condition Management programs from EnvolveTM PeopleCare are available to eligible participants and dependents at no cost and can help them gain control of their health and enjoy productive, rewarding lives. Best of all, you don't have to do it alone. Your Health Coach will provide guidance and support to help you meet daily challenges and make life-changing improvements.

Save money on medical expenses. A chronic health condition can double a person's out-of-pocket medical expenses. With two or more conditions, expenses can multiply by a factor of four. The Condition Management programs from Envolve PeopleCare empower you to stabilize and manage symptoms so you can avoid unnecessary office visits, hospital stays, and procedures. With the information and insights you receive from your Health Coach, you're better equipped to evaluate treatment options and make choices offering the best outcomes and value for your health care dollar.

Protect your long-term financial security. A long-term illness or chronic health condition doesn't go away. Without proper management, it can lead to other chronic conditions and create a long-term financial burden. Remember, a person's risk for having multiple chronic conditions increases with age. A pileup of out-of-pocket expenses late in life can shatter nest eggs and dreams of a secure retirement. The Condition Management programs from Envolve PeopleCare do more than help you take control of your health. They help you take control of your financial future.

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