Do you like seeing your money grow? That’s a good reason to review your quarterly benefit statement.

At the end of every calendar quarter, Carpenters Trusts prepares a personalized statement showing your employers, hours and fringe benefit contributions during the quarter. This includes contributions to the 401(k) and other subaccounts of the Carpenters Individual Account Pension Plan.

Review your benefit statements and compare them to your personal work records. If there is a discrepancy between your personal records and your benefit statements, contact Participant Services at Carpenters Trusts.

Quarterly benefit statements continue to be mailed to participant homes, but did you know statements are also available on our private and secure website? It takes only a few minutes to register and choose a username and password.

If you’re comfortable reviewing your quarterly statement online, please authorize eCommunications during registration. This will stop mail delivery of your quarterly benefit statement, as well as mail delivery of medical claims, newsletters, notices and other documents from Carpenters Trusts. If you change your mind, you can resume mail delivery at any time.

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