Carpenters Health and Security Plan


The Board of Trustees has the authority to administer the plan and to amend or modify the plan in such manner as they determine will promote efficiency, economy, better coverage, and better service for those affected thereby.

The Trustees also have the discretionary authority and exclusive right to construe the provisions of the plan and to determine any and all questions pertaining to administration, eligibility, and benefit entitlement, including the right to remedy possible ambiguities and inconsistencies or omissions. The Trustees have authorized Carpenters Trusts and any medical review organization used by the plan to utilize their internal guidelines and medical protocols in determining whether or not specific services or supplies are covered under the terms of the plan. However, neither Carpenters Trusts nor any medical review organization has authority to change the provisions of the plan.

Only Carpenters Trusts represents the Trustees in administering the plan and providing benefit information relating to the amount of benefits, eligibility, and other plan provisions. No union employee, including union officers and business agents, no employer or employer representative, and no representative of any other organization is authorized to give information, interpret the plan or commit the Trustees on any matter. Any construction or determination by the Trustees made in good faith shall be conclusive on all persons affected thereby. In all cases the terms of the plan govern.

For additional information or assistance, please call or write Carpenters Trusts at the address and telephone numbers below.

Carpenters Health and Security Trust of Western Washington
PO Box 1929
Seattle, WA 98111-1929
(206) 441-6514 Seattle Area
(800) 552-0635 Nationwide

Last Updated: 01/29/2020