Carpenters Health and Security Plan

Massage Therapy 

This section added effective 6/1/2019.

80% Network and Non-Network The Massage Therapy Benefit Is Not Available Under Retiree Coverage For Those Who Are Eligible For Medicare

Benefits are provided for massage therapy when provided by a licensed massage therapist with a 24 combined visit calendar year maximum for massage therapy, chiropractic care and acupuncture. These services always require 20 percent coinsurance and these coinsurance expenses do not apply toward the $2,300 annual coinsurance maximum or $4,000 out-of-pocket maximum. Services and supplies include:

  • Massage therapy only.

Benefits are not provided for:

  1. More than one massage per day.
  2. Lubricants (for example oils, lotions, emollients).
  3. Any other service or supply.

Last Updated: 08/16/2019